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Car Rental in Grasse, France

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Why renting a car in Grasse, France

Grasse, located in the French Riviera, is renowned for its perfumeries and stunning landscapes. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or business, renting a car in Grasse can provide you with the flexibility and convenience to explore this beautiful region at your own pace.


Grasse is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its picturesque old town, historical landmarks, and the opportunity to learn about the art of perfume-making. Renting a car allows you to easily access nearby attractions such as the Musee International de la Parfumerie, the Notre-Dame du Puy Cathedral, and the stunning Provencal countryside.


For business travelers, having a rental car in Grasse can offer the freedom to attend meetings, conferences, and networking events on your own schedule. It also provides the flexibility to explore the surrounding areas for potential business opportunities or to entertain clients.

Whether you’re in Grasse for leisure or business, renting a car can enhance your experience and make it easier to navigate the city and its surroundings.

Driving in Grasse, France

Local Traffic Rules and Customs

When driving in Grasse, France, it’s important to be aware of local traffic rules and customs. In France, vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road, and the minimum driving age is 18. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers, and the use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited. It’s also important to be mindful of speed limits, which vary depending on the type of road.

Parking Tips and Costs

Parking in Grasse can be a bit challenging, especially in the city center. There are several public parking lots available, but they can fill up quickly, especially during peak times. It’s recommended to arrive early to secure a spot. As for costs, parking fees vary depending on the location and duration of parking. Some parking lots offer hourly rates, while others may have a daily maximum fee.

Tips for Driving in Grasse

When driving in Grasse, it’s essential to be patient and courteous towards other drivers, especially during busy times. The city’s narrow streets and roundabouts can be a bit daunting for first-time visitors, so it’s important to drive cautiously and be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the city’s layout and plan your route in advance to avoid getting lost.

Overall, driving in Grasse, France, can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to explore the city and its surrounding areas at your own pace. By being mindful of local traffic rules and customs, as well as following parking tips and driving cautiously, you can make the most of your time behind the wheel in this picturesque French town.

Beautiful Things to See around Grasse

1. The International Perfume Museum

The International Perfume Museum in Grasse is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history and art of perfumery. The museum showcases the evolution of perfume-making through the ages, and visitors can explore the various techniques and tools used in the industry. The museum also offers workshops and guided tours for a more immersive experience.

2. Notre-Dame-du-Puy Cathedral

The Notre-Dame-du-Puy Cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and is a significant historical landmark in Grasse. Visitors can admire the intricate design of the cathedral’s facade and explore the interior, which features beautiful stained glass windows and ornate decorations.

3. Parfumerie Fragonard

A visit to the Parfumerie Fragonard offers an insight into the world of perfume production. Visitors can take a guided tour of the factory to learn about the process of creating fragrances and even try their hand at creating their own signature scent. The tour also includes a visit to the on-site museum, where the history of the Fragonard brand is showcased.

4. Grasse Perfume Workshop

For those looking for a hands-on experience, the Grasse Perfume Workshop offers the opportunity to create a personalized perfume under the guidance of a professional perfumer. Participants can learn about the different fragrance families and experiment with various scents to create a unique and personalized perfume to take home.

5. Musee d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence

The Musee d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence is a cultural gem in Grasse, showcasing a collection of art and historical artifacts related to the Provence region. The museum’s exhibits include paintings, sculptures, and everyday objects that offer a glimpse into the rich heritage and artistic traditions of the area.

With a rental car, visitors can easily explore these beautiful attractions in and around Grasse, making for a memorable and enriching experience.

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