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Car Rental in Barbados, Barbados

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Why renting a car in Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful island nation located in the Caribbean, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and warm climate. Whether you’re visiting for a relaxing vacation or a business trip, renting a car in Barbados can provide you with the freedom and flexibility to explore the island at your own pace.


One of the main reasons to consider renting a car in Barbados is to fully experience all the island has to offer. From the bustling streets of Bridgetown to the serene shores of Crane Beach, having a car allows you to easily navigate the island and discover its hidden gems. With a rental car, you can visit the picturesque east coast, explore the historic plantation houses, and take in the breathtaking views from the cliffs of the north coast.


For those traveling to Barbados for business purposes, renting a car can be essential for getting around efficiently. Whether you need to attend meetings across the island or simply want the convenience of having your own transportation, a rental car can save you time and provide a stress-free way to navigate the island’s roadways.

Overall, renting a car in Barbados is a practical and convenient option for both tourists and business travelers, offering the freedom to explore the island and make the most of your time in this beautiful destination.

Driving in Barbados

Local Traffic Rules and Customs

When driving in Barbados, it’s important to remember that they drive on the left side of the road. This may be different from what you’re used to, so take extra caution when making turns and crossing intersections. Speed limits are generally 60 km/h on highways and 40 km/h in urban areas. It’s also common to use roundabouts instead of traffic lights at intersections, so be prepared to yield to the right.

Parking Tips and Costs

Finding parking in Barbados can be a bit of a challenge, especially in popular tourist areas. Look for designated parking lots or street parking, but be aware of any parking restrictions and payment requirements. Parking meters are commonly used, and rates can vary depending on the location. It’s best to have some local currency on hand for parking fees.

Tips for Driving in Barbados

Be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists, as they often share the road with vehicles. Also, be prepared for the occasional pothole or uneven road surface, especially in more rural areas. Keep an eye out for livestock that may wander onto the road, particularly in the countryside. Finally, if you’re not familiar with driving on the left side of the road, take some time to practice in a less congested area before venturing out into heavy traffic.

Beautiful Things to See around Barbados

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is a natural wonder located in the central part of Barbados. It is a limestone cave with stalactites, stalagmites, and underground streams. Visitors can take a tram tour through the cave to see the breathtaking formations and learn about the cave’s history.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to a variety of animals, including green monkeys, peacocks, and tortoises. Visitors can stroll through the reserve and observe the animals in their natural habitat. There are also daily feeding times for the animals, providing an up-close experience for visitors.

St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey is a historic plantation house dating back to the 17th century. Visitors can explore the beautifully preserved house and gardens, as well as learn about the history of sugar production in Barbados. The on-site rum distillery offers tastings of their award-winning rum.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

The Andromeda Botanic Gardens are a peaceful oasis featuring a diverse collection of tropical plants and flowers. Visitors can wander through the gardens and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, including a picturesque waterfall and stunning coastal views.

Animal Flower Cave

Located at the northern tip of Barbados, the Animal Flower Cave is a natural sea cave with a fascinating rock formation and tidal pools. Visitors can explore the cave and take in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from the cliffside location. It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers and adventurers.

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